MKJ Latest News

Pointe 4:30 and 6:00 7/6…Jr. Co. 7/6 7:30 all at studio

Co. III at ESNC 7/7  5:30

Co. III  7/9 5:40…. Sr. Co.  7/9 7:30 both at the studio

We are starting our “2015 Show” dances in preparation for our Nov. show…Do not miss the next few weeks!!….June 20th is the last day of regular classes before summer programs begin.

  The philosophy at our school has always been that each student attending is an individual.

Our instructors recognize each students individual learning techniques and instruct with these factors considered. They must also provide an opportunity for individual creativity and expression. A variety of teaching styles are presented. This provides our students with a chance to think for themselves.

A positive attitude is upheld at our school providing our students with the best environment for learning.

Inclement Weather

Dance school cancellations will be posted at the top of this page  , check facebook or you can call 401-568-3451 for information.

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